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How do I apply for a Habitat home?

  1. Complete the home application contact form.

  2. Once completed, and received, a representative will contact you.

Please be aware: 

  • After receiving the documentation from our office, kindly fill out all the questions in the application form and submit the necessary documents such as an employment letter, copies of your last three years' tax returns, etc. You may send your application to our office located at 20 Rocky Mountain Blvd West, Lethbridge AB T1K8E1 or via email at If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Once received, our office may reach out to you for further documentation or clarification regarding your application.

  • Your application will be forwarded to the Family Selection Committee.  They will contact you once your application has been reviewed. They may request to set a time to visit you in your present home and interview you.

  • After the interview, the Family Selection Committee will meet to discuss your application further.

  • If your application moves past the first interview, you will be placed on a brief list of applicants. The committee will contact you to set up a second interview.

  • Credit and reference checks will be made after the second interview

  • We will let you know the results of the interviews once they have been completed.

  • The interview and decision-making process can take up to 6 months. All information is confidential and will be used only for family selection.

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