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Support Habitat Lethbridge


Make a gift that lasts. Your gift will impact Lethbridge families for years to come.

When you choose to donate to Habitat for Humanity Lethbridge you are donating to a local charity which provides families with a safe home, renewed self-confidence and a sense of hope. You’re not just providing the bricks and mortar to build a house, you’re giving families the hand up they need to live a better life.

We rely on gifts from individuals like you, corporations, and other groups to help families in need of decent and affordable homes throughout Lethbridge. All donations of any amount are deeply appreciated. You can choose to give monthly, annually, or give a one time donation. When a family pays their monthly mortgage these payments are reinvested into building another home for more local families.

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Ways to Give


With the help of volunteers, donors, and community partners; we provide a solid foundation for better, healthier lives for families in Lethbridge. 

Habitat Lethbridge has served many families since our inception, providing a hand up so parents and children can have a safe, decent, and affordable place to call home.


Our organization recognizes the importance of both low-income housing and affordable homes, which is why families selected to partner with Habitat Lethbridge will  become a homeowner and have access to an affordable mortgage.


Families are also responsible for completing 500 volunteer hours before their mortgage is signed, helping to build their own homes and other low-income housing projects.


Homes are not “FREE” through Habitat Lethbridge!  Our work takes a village and we rely on the help of so many people in our communities so we can partner with more families and lend a "hand up".

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Habitat Homeownership Program


  • The Habitat Homeownership Program currently provides families the opportunity to purchase a home at fair market value with zero-down payment and is an interest-free mortgage with payments set at 30% of the family’s gross annual household income. Yes, homes are not free! 

  • Families pay for a mortgage that we initiate with them and we sign a mortgage with them once they have completed their 500 volunteer hours.

  • Mortgage payments are invested into a revolving fund, called the Fund for Humanity, which is used by Habitat Lethbridge to build more homes for low-income families in the community. This partnership is a hand-up and not a hand-out!

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